Akashic Record

by The Earthlings

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MADISON, WI – Brainplate Records releases The Earthlings’ “Akashic Record”, the first episode of an ongoing series. The album begins as if you’re getting ready for lift off, and then suddenly; you find yourself in orbit. “Akashic Record” sheds light on the group’s new songwriting; capturing harmonic tones, paradising turntable scratches, amorphic synths, colossal drumbeats, sweeping saxophones, and tight punchy grooves that fuel into enlivening buildups and silky sweep-aways in a synth-luscious atmosphere. The album was recorded at the all-analog Willy Magnetic Recording Company then mixed and overdubbed at Audio for the Arts in Madison. It captures the presence and warmth of tape while utilizing the depth and scope of digital production.

The songs were refined and arranged at the former Smart Studios in Madison, where many of their favorite musicians have recorded. The Akashic record is the first episode in a continuing series of multimedia storytelling.


released September 6, 2017

All Songs by The Earthlings
Recorded by Tessa Echeverria at Williamson Magnetic
Overdubbed, Mixed, and Mastered by Noah Gilfillan and The Earthlings at Audio for the Arts

Cover Artwork by Neil Barhite, colored by Elliott Gilfillan

The Earthlings are:
Elliott Gilfillan- Vocals, guitar
Noah Gilfillan- Vocals, keyboards, bass, dulcimer, sampler
Neil Barhite- Guitar, bell kit
Chuckie Brown- Aux Percussion, theremin, sampler
Logan Grahn- Drums

Additional musicians:
Adam Without Eve- Turntables
Micheal Wilmont- Saxophone on Tracks 1, 2, & 5
Flow Poetry- Spoken word on Tracks 4 & 5
Josh Alley- Background vocals on Tracks 2 & 5


all rights reserved



The Earthlings Madison, Wisconsin

The Earthlings, a Madison music and arts collective, combines diverse eras of electronic sonic rock together with a laid back psychedelic indie emphasis, euphoric space, and positive vibrations from the 60's, early 70's, and 90's.

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Track Name: Akashic Record
Catch me in a minute
Catch me when I am thinking straight
Because right now that I’m in it
I unfortunately can’t relate

The whole thing is coming to the point where
We’ve got to redefine
The state of mind

So meditate on what you are feeling
Om sol jah buddha todo mundo rah
The warrior heart is now amorphic
We’ve got to beat this up down
With the you sound
Shake it up
Shake it down
Shake it
Dig it
Dig it

Over and above they build a shield
Where all the thoughts are numbered and revealed
Nothing ever made her ceiling
I just thought of something I do worse
Could you ever rehearse
The part of every moment
Dedicated to remaining sane
Man sane
When all the lies I tell myself are plain
To see
They’re lame

Were going to be playing at O’malleys
Were going to be putting that second pitcher down
Were going to be smoking in the alley
That’s when them gonna be shooting them lasers down
Coherence with universal life force don’t take no force at all
It’s the one and all
The Akashic record.
Track Name: Dragonstorm
Sweeping across the land
The universe makes her last stand against the storm
Of an ageless form
Where fear is not an option
Because you have got no time to run
No place to hide now
What we need is a brink of a spark

From you
It's you
All you
And it's from your ruby heart
Won't you
As you crash into the part

Living in the middle of my world
Spinning in a bottle in my world
Ships that sail on pale ale
Winter in the summertime when darkness fails
What to do with me and you
Living just for loving is what I want to do
No one's got a problem in my world
Except when there are no problems in my world
What to do with me and you
Living just for loving is what I want to do

Circling through the air
The questions now have all been hashed out in the sky (storm)
Ask you to comply (conform)
With building from the ash
Now if you stand up
Have you found your faith in nothing
Because it comes right from the heart of you

It's you
All you
And it's just right where you are
Won't you
Break through
As you crash into the bar

Living in the middle of my world
Spinning in a bottle with my girl
Ships that sail on playing ails
Summer in the winter time
When darkness fails
What to do with me and you
Living just for loving is what we’ve got to do
Track Name: Twittyfied
Who are you
Could you just be alright
Who are you
I think I could be tonight
Who are you
Just a touch of white light
Who are you
If nothing's left that’s alright

Could you feel that you're on top
Could you feel it
Could you feel that you want love
Can you feel that
Could you feel you are all love
Can you feel it
Can you feel that you’re on top
Can you feel that

Who are you trying to be tonight
Who are you
I see you have your own side
Who are you
Am I aiming too high
Who are you
To think we could be alright

Ow wrng veee
La da di da
Meaaaw kitty
Hurry follow a new somebody
For good dessert luck I hope you are staying safe lil one
Shit Kit you’re back down to 666
Please follow me into the dark… coffee muaheheha
I do kind of miss those hazy Daytona days

Rhinoceros skin baby weird this is me a T except I got an A in NYC
Awesome can’t wait powe rsilence blood
Paprika I’m ya seeka
What might one find on this hypothetical cover list
Napflix is superioo anyhoo
But unauthorized netflixjacking is danger y’oughta know
Kitty and Grimes might be might my most anticipated track since St. Anger
We dip I gotta hold the fort down in Wisco but I’ll be there in spirit
Tweet 7777 and yeah k a minor chord is a cause to admire
Swaying to the symphony to infinity and infinitely beyond macho x 3
Geese with glitter perms of science escargot darpa lines
Hashtag no snuggling for the foreseeable future
Hashtag longest hash ever

Lenny Bruce is not afraid right now so come down and sing
Auw wrng vee!
La da da da
Who are you
La da da da

Angles of your life
You have got to turn around to proceed
In the darkest of light
Hoping then you’ll see
That we like it just a little
Just a little bitter sweet
Because we like it
Just a little
Just a little city
But she’s coming up and
We’re in the middle
We’re in the middle
In the middle of free
Track Name: Footprince on Mars
Break it up

Break it all

Waking up

Breaking up

Rake it up


There is an infinite external force that makes the body elastic
By overcoming the infinite internal force
Making the body hard
All space is permeated by ethereal quintessence
Containing excessively small whirlpools
Those whirlpools spin and produce condensation
Which allows for ethereal quintessence to have elasticity
Transmitting vibrations from the corpuscular packets of light
As they travel through

The unanticipated solid into liquid is no complication
Nowhere else within the body of the infantile baby
You’re in bottom who saw a man there
Slowly melting into delirium
Who hears a sound there
It goes up notes entwined
Stepping down
The beat on time
Unbind your mind
To abide
What's inside
The man is solid again
Track Name: Truth
It's been awhile since we heard
The sound that broke the universe
Hanging from a thread
I wish that I could wrap around your head

Because it won't fit in mine
A higher flying concept that you can hold
For peace of mind
In these times

Love is growing like a vine
Stick your fingers in and find yourself entwined
But I just want the fruit
This whole poundcake is just too much for me to take
Or losing you
What to do

Just give me the truth
I just want the truth
I'll live for the truth
A little bit will do
So give me the truth
Because I am dying for some truth
And if it’s the truth and it's true then it’ll do yeah

Interaction and harmony convergence desire experience
There is no religion higher than truth
Ascend my love
A higher flying concept you can hold
For peace of mind
In these times

We just want the truth
Give us the truth
We just want the truth
If it's true it'll do
Please be the truth
Because we need the truth
And if it’s the truth and it's true it will do yeah

A higher flying concept you can hold
For peace of mind
In these times

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